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A yoga community that supports and loves one another.

LivFree Power is, vinyasa yoga with heart and soul.

We teach to our students highest potential. We serve up yoga that challenges our students to step to their edge and then finesse with grace to the next level. Our certified teachers teach connected and creative classes. Classes are strong, sweaty, fun, and full of surprises.

LivFree Power classes are said to be ,‘The hardest class I’ve ever done!” Yet students leave feeling alive, energized and ready to come back for more!

We believe, Yoga is exercise, Yoga is relaxing, Yoga is healing, Yoga is transforming.

We believe, Yoga is life.

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Halloween Yoga FUN!!!!

Friday , October 31st.


Both Studios are taking “Happy Hour” UP-A-NOTCH!!!!

Kim will be rocking South Windsor out with Black lights and Body Paint...I’m just say’n...5pm

Katie is bringing it to Old Saybrook, in Toolie style, the fire department loaned us their Black lights and tools has been cooking up treats for the mat and your belly!!! 5:30pm

Gotta love it!